11 Reasons We Can’t Wait to Travel in 2021

2020 was difficult. We have all been affected in some way. With the COVID pandemic causing people to lose jobs, cancel trips, postpone events/weddings, spend holidays and birthdays alone, and worst of all lose loved ones, news of a vaccine coming to help us get back to normal is welcomed with open arms and masked faces. The year has not yet ended but we already can’t wait for 2021. 

We at JETCET want to look forward to 2021, hopeful and excited that we may get back to life as usual. We are itching to travel. In 2020, we stayed home, but in 2021, we will travel. We’ll pray that we get a seat on a plane with no one beside us. We might have to wear masks and bring hand sanitizer with us everywhere we go but if and when we’re able to travel freely again, it’ll all be worth it. We’ll travel safely and with everything that’s happened in mind.

People have banked their PTO. People want to experience what they weren’t able to in 2020. Everyone’s travel bugs are hungry.

Here are 11 reasons to be excited to travel in 2021.

  • Being unafraid that a trip will be canceled or we’ll be stuck quarantined in another country

We had a whole year of trips planned out, only to cancel almost everything. Some of us did travel a little bit after the pandemic hit. But many of us chose not to travel at all. No one wanted to be stuck in another country. More importantly, no one wanted to get the virus. We had trips to Japan, Korea, and Hawaii all get cancelled. Luckily, we were able to get refunds and booking credits. This reminds us, we need to use those airline credits before the end of the year. We’re not totally sure this is going to happen right away in 2021 but we’re hopeful that by some time in 2021, we’ll be able to travel with no fears like we did before.

  • Road trips to hidden gems

Before the pandemic, we always wanted to travel internationally. We wanted to experience completely different cultures and take pictures of their landscapes and architecture. During the pandemic, everyone realized a newfound appreciation for destinations that were just a short road trip away. We can’t wait to pack up our cars and drive out to beautiful, natural destinations that we may have taken for granted before.

  • Going back to Japan

The place that was the inspiration for our Ginza Sling Pack and a most beloved destination is a place we are hoping to be able to visit again in 2021. This past year we had 2 trips planned. A trip that was canceled at the beginning of the pandemic and a trip to visit Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics that was never fully planned.

This year we hope that with lower flight costs, hotels needing more business, that we can visit one of our favorite countries at least once.

  • Working from anywhere

Though many people sadly lost their jobs, many companies started to realize that their employees could work from home (or anywhere else for that matter) and be just as effective. Hopefully, this means more people can travel and work at the same time and spend more of their 2021 days working from amazing destinations.

  • Taking your dream trip

Speaking of amazing destinations, don’t you think 2021 is the perfect time to take the dream trip you’ve been putting off for years?

Flights and hotels may be more willing to charge lower prices to get us, travelers, out and about. Alternative accommodations will be more popular than ever so those hotels you might have never been able to stay at before may be more affordable. Who knows when another pandemic will hit? Fingers crossed, hopefully not for another 100 years. Places that rely on travel for their economies want you to visit. 

  • Supporting small local businesses

Wherever you travel in 2021, keep in mind that the businesses that need you the most at the small restaurants and local shops. Avoid large corporate retail stores and chain restaurants. Spend your money supporting the small businesses that make whatever destination you choose so special.

  • Vegas!

Vegas will always be Vegas. We went there the days before everything was shut down. The big casinos and hotels have been sending everyone crazy deals on rooms and stays. Vegas is ready for everyone to come back and we’ll be in line.

  • Plane sharing?!

Private flights with your closest friends may be more in reach than ever before. Ridesharing in the sky? Sounds good to us. We hope to be able to take some trips with our closest friends on private jets in 2021. At least we’ll know everyone on board!

  • Self-care getaways

It’s never been more obvious that we all need short self-care getaways sometimes. We are looking forward to spending time outdoors, disconnecting, resting, and relaxing. Whether the trip is long or short, far or near, everyone needs to set aside some time for self-care.

  • Appreciating the journey

We’ve always preached, “appreciate the journey.” We think it’s more fitting now than ever before. Never before did people miss so many of the little things that they may have taken for granted before. The global pandemic and its impacts on people’s ability to move freely to wherever they choose won’t soon be forgotten. And that’s the way it should be. In 2021, any trips we take, any new destinations we see, any opportunities we have to pack our bags and go on an adventure, we’ll appreciate more than we would have ever before.

  • Freedom!

It may take a while but eventually, we’ll all be able to travel freely again. We might have to wear masks, socially distance more than ever before, and be more focused on cleanliness, but if it means being able to visit our favorite destinations or go to places we’ve never been before freely, then we’ll take it.

While there’s no way to know what is going to happen in 2021, (Who could’ve predicted 2020?) there is some hope on the horizon. Here’s to hoping 2021 will be the year for travel to bounce back in a big way.

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