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Exactly one year ago, we were in Manila.

What started out as a goal to sponsor 5 kids battling a life threatening illness in the Philippines, turned into a project that helped Campaign One At A Time sponsor over 100 children! Last year, JETCET donated 100 bags to Campaign One At A Time’s international impact project. Families gathered, from near and far to celebrate life and meet the OAAT team. The children who attended the event got to escape their diagnosis for a few hours, and just enjoy being kids!

They enjoyed games, a free meal, and some gifts of course. Each family received a Kingston duffel or backpack, to help them carry supplies to and from cancer treatment. Each bag came with essentials, such as a pair of shoes, or a gift card to the grocery store, which provided relief for so many families going through hardship.

Out of the dozens of kids that touched me personally, the one I remember the most was Nhiel, an 8 year old Rhabdomyosarcoma patient. He was so happy just to be at the event; running around, playing with the other kids, and so fascinated by all of our team members. He had so much energy; it was almost as if he didn’t even know he was battling such an aggressive form of cancer. Unfortunately, Nhiel passed away this past August. Our time with Nhiel was short, but we’re so grateful to have had a chance to give him such a special day. It’s kids like Nhiel, and days like that day, that make us so passionate about giving back and making a difference.

Brodi with 8 year old Nhiel in Manila, Philippines
2020 JETCET / Campaign One At A Time care packages

Although we are passionate about giving back every day of the year here at JETCET, there’s something about the holidays that pushes us to make an even bigger impact. Even though COVID has postponed Campaign One At A Time’s international impact project this year, they still have a long roster of children in need, here in the states. That’s why through December 31st, for every bag we sell, JETCET will donate a bag to a child battling cancer or another life threatening illness here in the United States. Not only will JETCET donate a bag, but it will also include toys for the children, and a parent pack; essentials for the parents to make their lives a little easier this holiday season. 

Help us reach our goal of donating 200 bags by the end of the year, by either choosing the bag that best fits you, or gifting one to a loved one by visiting JETCETLIFE.COM



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