Side Stepping the Satchel

Milan, Italy.  Paris, France.  New York, New York.  All great cities individually known for their contributions to the fashion world.  One thing to note – the US is usually last. I say this based solely on the fact that I grew up in a culture where wearing a fanny pack got you ridiculed or, as

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Things To Know While Flying During A Pandemic

Well, super short TSA lines were a plus! This past May, my girlfriend Kadie and I took our first flight of quarantine season from Ontario, Ca to Sacramento, Ca. We thought we’d warm our travel bug up with a short flight home to visit family for my sister’s graduation weekend. Here’s a few things we feel

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Written by JETCET CEO | Founder Nick Ordoñez Recently, I’ve had time to reflect on my life and the reason I am so passionate about travel, JETCET, giving back, and my friends and family. I started writing about my reflections, and my whole life story came out… 37 years ago, my parents got married and

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The Perfect Travel Pack

I’ve had a few cross body sling bags since I first saw people wearing them on a train in Tokyo. It was 2013, my first trip to Japan. Right when I arrived, I wanted to go out and explore and get some delicious food. I couldn’t help but notice all the people walking around, getting

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JETCET is excited to be currently working with some fantastic brand ambassadors through Instagram! We’ve gotten lots of positive reviews and praise for our bags, and we are extremely grateful for the recognition. Parker York Smith, our present collaboration ambassador, definitely has an eye for fashion and took a genuine interest into our latest carry offering

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The perfect travel pack.  A compact, lightweight, and minimal design allows for free movement and quick access to essentials on the go. Can be easily worn on chest or back. A main outer pocket and an interior pocket with zipper access from the side against carrier’s body. An adjustable strap that allows the carrier to customize

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