Visiting Portland During The Pandemic & Protests

Although we were a little cautious, Portland was just as beautiful and fun as ever, even during the current circumstances. Leading up to our flights to Portland, OR, not only did the COVID pandemic instill fear into some of our group, but so did the severity of some of the protests happening, and the federal

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The Worst Part of Traveling… Packing

Not all overhead bins are created equal.  Nothing is more evident than when you switch from a wide-body just to a single aisle plane too small for you to stand fully upright.  After a few of these situations force you to pay, literally, and anxiously stand shoulder to shoulder with strangers hoping your bag made

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Side Stepping the Satchel

Milan, Italy.  Paris, France.  New York, New York.  All great cities individually known for their contributions to the fashion world.  One thing to note – the US is usually last. I say this based solely on the fact that I grew up in a culture where wearing a fanny pack got you ridiculed or, as

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Things To Know While Flying During A Pandemic

Well, super short TSA lines were a plus! This past May, my girlfriend Kadie and I took our first flight of quarantine season from Ontario, Ca to Sacramento, Ca. We thought we’d warm our travel bug up with a short flight home to visit family for my sister’s graduation weekend. Here’s a few things we feel

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How to Travel Light Internationally

When traveling internationally, you will most likely visit more than one destination. This means taking trains, long car rides, and/or multiple plane rides. Bringing large heavy luggage around on all these different means of transportation can and will be a headache. Traveling light and packing smart can make a huge difference on any trip, but

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Spending Abroad

When I took my first international trip over 5 years ago, there were so many things I read about to try and prepare myself.  There’s the typical search for what to see, what to do, and where to go.  When I’m feeling extra studious, I’ll try to memorize key phrases and look into the customs

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