For those who know me, I’ve always been the kind of person who enjoyed giving what I could to others. I grew up with a Down syndrome older brother, and other family members who weren’t as fortunate as I was. I always felt it was my place to help whenever I could. When I launched JETCET, I wanted it to be more than just a cool brand.  From the very beginning, JETCET has donated a portion of every sale to charity and has tried to be more involved in every community we can be involved with.

Last holiday season, we donated hundreds of bags to families in need overseas in the Philippines. It felt good. We felt like we had made people smile and we made their holidays just a little bit brighter. This holiday season, we decided to donate to families across the US.

In a year that’s been difficult for so many people, December 1, 2020, Giving Tuesday, was a very special, impactful day for me. Our team spent the day packing our Kingston Backpacks that were going out for donation with toys and other goodies for families with children battling a pediatric illness. Our team talked about what we thought each kid would appreciate and what the parents might enjoy.

I thought about the kids who were getting some new toys. I thought about the parents who were getting some essentials, masks, hand sanitizer, fuzzy socks, eye masks, and a little note of support from the team. The kids would have fun playing with the toys and the parents would appreciate the useful items we sent them. Most of all, I hoped that the families would feel a little bit better about their situations and their days because people who they’ve never met were thinking about them and wanting to do something nice for them.

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