Side Stepping the Satchel

Milan, Italy.  Paris, France.  New York, New York.  All great cities individually known for their contributions to the fashion world.  One thing to note – the US is usually last.

I say this based solely on the fact that I grew up in a culture where wearing a fanny pack got you ridiculed or, as a man, any bag-wearing was basically a faux pas.  This culture instills a sense of minimalism when leaving the house.  I only need keys, my wallet, and most importantly, my phone.  This was all well and good until I began to travel internationally.  

One of the first things that I noticed when strolling through European capital cities was the small bag accessory used by any local.  Only the tourists were the ones saddled with overpacked backpacks or weighed down by pockets brimming with travel essentials.  After a few days, I quickly realized why – convenience.  Upon leaving the hotel for the day, I needed to make sure I had a camera, reusable water bottle, hand sanitizer, an old-school map, a phone charger and so on.  A bag that carried everything without screaming to the world that I wasn’t a local has been one of the best luggage investments I could’ve ever made.  Not only for the ability to be fully prepared in most situations, but also peace of mind knowing it’s a great deterrent for would-be pickpockets.

With the resurgence in fanny pack popularity and cross-body spinoffs, there are a ton of options for day-to-day use or long trips.  I am personally a huge fan of the JETCET Ginza bag because of its versatility and size.  In a recent trip to CDMX, I was rarely without it as it held my water for the pyramid climb and protected my phone while navigating the Zocalo.  All of this to say that a travel-sized day bag is invaluable at carrying your valuables. 

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