The Perfect Travel Pack

I’ve had a few cross body sling bags since I first saw people wearing them on a train in Tokyo. It was 2013, my first trip to Japan. Right when I arrived, I wanted to go out and explore and get some delicious food. I couldn’t help but notice all the people walking around, getting on and off trains, and just about everyone was wearing a backpack or a sling bag.

From that first day, I would notice sling bags more and more and I was in search of a sling bag that had everything I wanted. I looked and looked but wasn’t able to find what I really wanted. I eventually bought one and it served me well for a short time. When I got back from Japan, I couldn’t find very many sling bags available in stores or even online, so I had forgotten about them.

I would go to Europe later on that year, and basically packed my largest luggage and backpack with enough clothes to change outfits 3 times a day. Needless to say, I overpacked, and so did the other 2 people I traveled with. Hopping on small planes to get from one city to another and having to check in my luggage every time was no fun. Staying in small hotel rooms with 2 other people who had just as much luggage was even less fun. The trip ended up being amazing because I was with great company but that Europe trip started me on a journey of thinking how to travel differently, simpler, smarter, and less stressful. 

A few years later I started JETCET based on that idea. We made toiletry bags and wallets as our first products, then backpacks and duffels. Then I remembered how much I loved sling bags and I started to see more companies making them. But every time I would check them out, they never had everything I wanted so I decided to build my own sling bag for JETCET.

I wanted it to be just the right size, not as big as a backpack but larger than a fanny pack. I didn’t want to be able to put a laptop or tablet in the bag, I wanted to keep it lightweight. But I wanted enough space for all my essentials, phone, keys, wallet, passport (when traveling internationally), phone charger etc. I wanted it to be small enough that I could easily put it under a seat on a plane or under a table beside my feet at a restaurant. I wanted it to be comfortable to wear on my back or on my chest. I wanted it to be safe and have a zippered pocket that only I could access from the side against my body.

The Ginza sling was born, named after the first place I saw sling bags being used. 

Ever since we made our Ginza sling, I have used it everywhere. I’ve used it on long international trips, short road trips, and even on regular days walking to a park or going to the grocery store. It is the perfect travel pack for me.

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