Things To Know While Flying During A Pandemic

Well, super short TSA lines were a plus!

This past May, my girlfriend Kadie and I took our first flight of quarantine season from Ontario, Ca to Sacramento, Ca. We thought we’d warm our travel bug up with a short flight home to visit family for my sister’s graduation weekend. Here’s a few things we feel like people should know before hopping back on a flight.

First off, parking. We’d usually park in Lot C, which is only $13 per day. Due to what I’m assuming is staff shortage, and enhanced social distancing measures, this lot was closed down and only the premium parking lot was available, which was a whopping $24 per day! So what went from an estimated $26 for the weekend, turned into $72, because of course they charged us for another day once we scraped past that 48 hour mark. Knowing this, we would have definitely taken an uber instead, but our mistake is now helpful knowledge for the next traveler! Another note; for some airports, you actually have to reserve your parking in advance now, so depending on your travel length and distance from the airport, I’d highly suggest doing some research before assuming you will be able to park your vehicle at the airport at all without a reservation.

Come hydrated! And when I say that, I mean consume your alcohol beverage of choice before getting to the airport(only if you are NOT driving), seeing all bars are closed, AND they don’t serve alcohol on the plane. We were pleasantly surprised that our Southwest flight did serve us water(in a can), so that was cool. Also, the new thing when building rapport with the stewards/stewardists, is they obviously can’t hook you up with free drinks anymore, but they can hook it up with the individually packaged sanitizer wipes! These are like gold in 2020.

I’ll finish this write up with an obvious, which is that sanitization is super enforced in the airport, which I think is great. It’s keeping everyone safe and preventing the spread. There are rumors that there may be delayed boarding times, as the planes need to do extra cleaning and sanitizing now, but we didn’t really notice a big change or delay on our flights. Masks are required, and TSA seems to be a lot more chill aka they’re not trying to touch you at all, so it’s NEXT in line as quick as possible lol and the security lines, if any, are super quick! It was basically a ghost town in both airports. 

Overall, smooth travels in my JETCET windbreaker, which comes in super clutch when you’re heading into different climates. You can wear it on the plane and out at night, and it takes up very little space in your bag. Be sure to snag yours before your next trip, and tag @jetcetlife in your upcoming travels! 

Safe and happy traveling friends!

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