Visiting Portland During The Pandemic & Protests

Although we were a little cautious, Portland was just as beautiful and fun as ever, even during the current circumstances. Leading up to our flights to Portland, OR, not only did the COVID pandemic instill fear into some of our group, but so did the severity of some of the protests happening, and the federal agents pushing through the streets.

Fortunately, we had some friends in the area that let us know about where NOT to go, which was just a small piece of downtown. Aside from that, every other area was fairly safe and enjoyable! I was surprised to see so many bars and breweries open for dine in seating, which we all took advantage of while continuing to social distance. Although, nothing beats the outdoors of the PNW.

On one of the days, we escaped out to the river for some cliff jumping, and on another day we explored the Oregon Zoo. Each night we were back at our AIR BNB before 10pm(the mandatory curfew) and had a blast. Even though I’m a heavy advocate of exploring the nightlife in every city I visit(especially Portland), I was completely content getting all of our energy out throughout the day, and enjoying game night every evening with some Netflix to top it off. Have you guys seen that new Zac Efron show?! Anyways, this was definitely one of those trips where it really showed, it’s all about the people you travel with that make the trip amazing. 

Although I advise everyone to continue being extra cautious while traveling and doing your homework before visiting a city, there are still so many opportunities to have an amazing, unforgettable time, even in Portland during the protests and pandemic. Travel safe everyone.
PS – Pine State Biscuits is forever the PDX GOAT. Order The Reggie.

Until my next flight,Brodi

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